rice milk 3 in 1 cleanser

Let me just tell you how many times I hear this in the treatment room! As a licensed esthetician, I went to school to learn about skin. Please trust me when I tell you how damaging these makeup remover wipes are. Not only are the filled with tons of chemicals, they aren’t even removing your makeup!

In an article I read (goodhousekeeping.com), Dr. James C. Marotta spoke to this. He said, “Very few makeup wipes contain ingredients that can actually break down all of your face oils, makeup and gunk on your skin, so you’re really just rubbing bacteria, irritants and makeup wipe residue around your skin.” YUCK!

I know what you’re thinking, ‘I’m just so tired when I get home; I don’t want to take the time to wash my face!’ But if you would take the time to wash your face properly, you will be saving your skin down the road. When you leave all the chemicals and debris from the day on your face by sleeping in your makeup or using a makeup wipe, you are aging your skin! You will be prematurely aging, causing redness, pimples and blackheads! Who wants to do all of that?!?!

I have the solution to your late-night exhaustion washing routine! Eminence Organics® has an amazing product that you can get at BellEsprit! A cleanser, tonner, and a makeup remover all-in-one that will save your skin and your time!!

The product is Rice Milk 3-in-1 Cleansing Water. In the same time it would normally take you to wipe your face with a makeup wipe, this Cleansing Water and a cotton ball will hydrate your skin with rice milk, balance your skin with pomelo juice, and wash away all of the harmful stuff on your skin, leaving your skin feeling refreshed! Come in today and change your skin care habits!

I’m looking forward to seeing you and helping you with all of your skin are needs!