Is your favorite shampoo on your grocery list?

I know, we have all done it, and some of us continue to do so.  Before knowing what made each luxurious drop of salon brand shampoos worth every cent, I did it too.  I’d wait till my bottle was totally empty and then swing by the local grocery or corner store to pick up my favorite flower-scented duo.  The only time I did use salon products (outside of a salon) was if I was staying with my aunt or that one friend that had the “Good Stuff” in their shower.  It was always a treat!

Now that I know the benefits of using the “Good Stuff”, it’s the only thing I’ll put in my hair.  I don’t mean that in a snobby way, it just makes the most sense when you look at all the pros.  Here are just a few of the major benefits of purchasing professional hair products:

  1. Quality Ingredients That Promote Healthy Hair

While you will find many of the same ingredients in both professional and non-professional hair products, the concentrations are very different.  Store bought shampoos are full of water, fillers, and detergents that foam up creating those sweet-scented suds you love.  The truth is, those things strip your hair of all its natural oils, taking your beautiful new color with it.  With less vitamins and minerals used to keep your hair healthy, fillers step in leaving a waxy build up on your hair. Free from fillers and harsh chemicals, the very concentrated salon shampoos may not suds up the way you like, but your hair is getting just as clean and is left naturally shiny and soft.

Professional Products = Healthy Hair that Holds Color


  1. Concentrated Product Means You Can Use Less

I’m sure you’ve heard your stylist say something like, “You only need a dime-sized drop.  This bottle is going to last you forever.”  This is SO true!!!

The “Good Stuff” might cost more than what you’re currently using, but you don’t have to use 5 pumps out of this bottle to get your hair clean.  The concentration means less water and fillers and more of what you need for healthy hair, resulting in less bottles to purchase.

Professional Products = Less Product Used


  1. My purchase is local and meaningful

The older I get, the more conscious I’ve become about where my money is going.  When buying shampoos from your local salon, that money is being used to invest back into the salon you love and to support the business owners and stylists working there.

Also, the professional product companies that supply the local salon use a large portion of their profit to invest back through education.  They will send professional stylists into the salon and will also pay for local stylists to go to schools and conventions around the country to help keep them up to date on the current trends, newest techniques, and product knowledge in hair.  This partnership between the local stylist, the professional product company, and your purchase of the ‘Good Stuff” helps everyone involved.

Professional Products = Local Business Support


These three things are just a sample of the many benefits to using professional quality salon products.  So next time you’re checking out at your salon and your stylist suggests using something from the shelf, consider trying it and decide for yourself if it is worth it for your hair.

– Vick