Happy New Year Friends!

If you’re like me, you’re back at work, Christmas decorations are almost all put away, and your New Year’s Resolution is teetering on the edge between “How much longer can I last” and “Oh well, I gave it a good try.” Resolutions are hard to keep. If they weren’t, you would have accomplished it already and wouldn’t need to make one.

I’m sure you know, losing weight and being healthier are the most popular resolutions to make and the success rate for keeping them is approximately 9.2% (statisticbrain.com). So, what can I tell you that you haven’t heard from countless doctors, experts, or T.V. personalities?

My answer is simple. . . endermologie®. I recently posted a blog answering a lot of questions about this cellulite-reducing service, but have since had new questions asked. The most frequent is, “Does it work?”

Does it work?


I was a cynic when we first looked at this machine as a possible addition to the services we offer at BellEsprit. I thought the machine looked like a Star Wars droid with a vacuum hose attached. It looked awkward, painful, and there was no way anyone was going to see me in one of those suits.

I couldn’t have been more wrong! The treatment is comfortable with no pain. The hose does produce suction, but is programmed to be gentle, nothing intense. And the suit, I agree, is not something I would ever wear out in public, but the staff performing the procedure are very professional and offer towels to make things even more discreet.

But how about the results?

We have had numerous clients receiving regular treatments and their reviews are very positive.

Here’s what one of our clients said:

“I love endermologie. I was a skeptic at first, but it really works. My clothes are fitting better and I am feeling great. After each session, I leave feeling full of energy and I love it!” —Pam M.

How will endermologie® help keep my weight loss resolution?

endermologie® is the topping on the cake for weight loss. While you’re shedding the pounds off your body, endermologie® will take care of your cellulite and help you to look and feel better. It works as a body sculptor, skin toner, and increases your blood circulation, leaving you feeling better and more invigorated each time you complete a session.

From the success you will feel from these sessions, your results will feed the drive toward continued success until you ultimately reach your goals. It’s worked for so many already. . . it can work for you.

What’s the cost?

We, at BellEsprit, are committed to offering top quality services at affordable prices. Most clinics offering cellulite treatments, where skin is frozen or surgery is required, are charging thousands and include long lists of possible side effects and risks. endermologie® is FDA approved and we want as many people in the Arnold and surrounding communities to have access to it. We offer a free consultation if you want to come in and see the machine and get more information. We also offer packages that include a discounted rate per session. You can go to our services page for our current endermologie® prices.

This is the time!

This is the perfect time to try endermologie®. It is an extra something that is going to keep you motivated. When you start seeing results from your sessions, it will be just what you need to show you your weight loss efforts are working. You can be a success in your resolution and we want to help. Give us a call and get started today!